Wildlife World Water is Life Bird Bath

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A tranquil paradise fit for your garden wildlife, particularly our feathered friends. This bird bath drinker provides clean water essential for our wildlife's survival while also making a stunning feature in your garden. Read more
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An eco-friendly choice, this bird bath drinker from Wildlife World has been constructed with the lightweight and durable composite material Polyboo, made from 100% recycled plastic and bamboo. Polyboo is what gives this luxurious bird bath the appearance of traditional stone, however it is exceptionally lighter and stronger, ensuring it is easy to move while unlikely to break. 

The Water is Life Bird Bath Drinker lives up to it's name by providing a clean drinking source which is vital to our wildlife's survival. Water is important all year round, during the colder months when the usual supplies are likely to be frozen, whereas in hot weather the water supplies can be hard to find as they have dried up. Birds do not have sweat glands, so they require less water than mammals. However, they do lose a lot of their water intake through respiration and in their droppings. Most small birds need to drink at least twice a day to ensure they replace the water they have lost. 

Perfect for our friendly wildlife visitors, the stylish step and slope design provides clean and fresh water for birds, bees and other pollinators and insects who like to sip from the shallow edges of pools. The little ramps are used ensure that any creature that enters the water can get out with ease.


It is important to remember to regularly fill up the water levels and give it a thorough clean to prevent algae build-up and maintain good bird hygiene, particularly during colder months where the risk of Avian Flu heightens.


40 x 40 x12.5 cm


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