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The Ultimate is Ultiva®

Ultiva® is a trusted and complete series of quality bird food mixes available only from GardenBird. Carefully formulated to provide nutritional enrichment, Ultiva® bird food features a balance of safe and effective ingredients, developed in accordance with strict BSA regulations, meaning your garden birds receive the very best food available


Independently verified

 Laboratory testing revealed that Ultiva® contains all the right fats, protein and essentials expected of high-standard bird food


Fair to Nature

Ultiva® bird food is part of the Fair to Nature accredited range of products and supports the biodiversity of our British farmland as well as the birds in your garden.


 Essential nutrition. Healthy life

All Ultiva® seed mixes have the correct blend of essential fats, protein, calcium, sugars and starch, meaning a more vibrant existence for your garden birds


50% more energy

With over two and half times the fat content of popular supermarket and pet store bird foods, Ultiva® contains over 50% more energy than ordinary online and pet shop mixes

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