Tom Chambers Squirrel Stop! Bird Table

A practical and decorative bird table. The mesh cage allows smaller birds to feed whilst preventing larger birds and squirrels from accessing the scrumptious snacks. 

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The Tom Chambers Squirrel Stop! Bird Table is the ideal way to feed your small feathered friends - including blue tits, wrens, robins and many more - as a small mesh cage prevents squirrels or large birds from being able to access the feeding table.


This squirrel proof bird table is a stunning addition to any garden and can be used to feed an array of foods to your wild birds such as seed mixes, sunflower hearts, peanuts, suet pellets and mealworms.


The squirrel stop bird table has been designed for all year round use from FSC certified wood, and is easy to refill and keep clean by simply opening the mesh cage door and using both a table scraper and cleaning spray to clean off old food, before refiling with your garden birds favourite foods.



Height - 1.45 m.

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