Suet Fat Balls - Delayed Sending

With the UK set to experience some high temperatures, we may delay the sending of our fat balls.

This is because hot weather can cause fat balls to break up in transit. To ensure that fat balls are delivered to you in pristine condition, we may hold shipping these products until temperatures decrease.

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Suet To Go Suet Fat Balls

Shop our range of Suet 2 Go products including; suet balls, logs and pre-filled feeders.

Fat Balls for Birds

Take a look at our quality selection of highly nutritious fat balls for birds. They offer a perfect balance of nutrients and energy-boosting supplements that appeal to a whole host of visiting garden birds. The high-grade fats in our bird fat balls give them essential fats and calories during winter and the breeding season.

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  1. 3kg Peckaballs with Insect
    10 reviews
    • 4.9 out of 5
    • Mr Lynn
    • Sparrows can't get enough
    3kg Peckaballs
    Out of stock
  2. Premium Sunflower Hearts Suet Balls
    14 reviews
    • 4.7857142857143 out of 5
    • Julie
    • Premium Sunflower Heart Suet Balls Excellent value for money and the birds absolutely love them
    150 Box

    £1.96 per kg

    300 Box (2x 150 Box)

    £2.00 per kg

    Out of stock
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