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Goodbye Plastic Packaging

We're reducing our plastic waste

As a nation, we're becoming increasingly aware of the devastating effects plastics are having on wildlife and aquatic habitats. We are extremely passionate about sustaining wildlife for future generations, so we've embarked on a journey to reduce our impact on the environment. With our suppliers support, our goal is to work towards reducing our plastic pollution as much as we can.

Since the beginning of 2019, we've been slowly phasing out our plastic bags and tubs on certain product lines and certain product sizes. This is an ongoing process and we are continually looking to further reduce the use of plastic. Below highlights the products currently available plastic free!

We all need to think about doing our part to remove plastic from our lives wherever and whenever possible.

Black Sunflower Seeds

12.55kg - 25kg - 50kg

Ultiva® Gold

12.55kg - 25kg - 50kg

Ultiva® Fledgling Mix

12.55kg - 25kg - 50kg

Ultiva® No Grow, No Mess Seed Mix

12.55kg - 25kg - 50kg

Ultiva® Robin & Softbill Mix

12.55kg - 25kg - 50kg

Ultiva® Everyday Seed Mix

12.55kg - 25kg - 50kg

Ultiva® High Protein Insect Mix

12.55kg - 25kg - 50kg

Ultiva® Perfect 10

12.55kg - 25kg - 50kg

Ultiva® Finest Blend

12.55kg - 25kg - 50kg

About Our Recyclable Packaging

Whilst we're working towards being as plastic free as we can be, not all of our products are available in paper bags. That's because a lot goes into making sure that you receive the best quality sustainable packaging. For example we need to make sure that:

- The packaging is heavy duty enough not to rip
- Our packaging machines can handle the different packaging
- Our warehouse and storage is appropriate for the new packaging
- The packaging is fully sustainable (and not partly sustainable)

We recommend transferring all seed mixes to an air tight container to maximise freshness and lifespan. This is because we don't use any plastic in our recyclable packaging, which means that natural oils from the seed mixes within can seep out, discolouring and producing a wet look on the surface of the packaging.

We currently offer sustainable packaging for the below products in the specified weights. If you order one of these products, but a different weight than those specified, then you will receive packaging that may not be fully sustainable/recyclable.




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