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The ultimate straight food, our Sunflower Hearts for birds appeal to a wide range of wild garden birds from seed eaters to softbills, making them a fantastic all round bird food.

Please note our Sunflower Hearts for wild birds used to be called 'Premium Sunflower Heart Kernels'. Only the name has changed, it's the same seed loved by birds nationwide with the best prices!

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Recent Price Increases

Due to the horrific events unfolding in Ukraine, there has been major disruption to the Sunflower Hearts market, the majority of which is grown in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries. This means that unfortunately, prices have increased significantly. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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These highly nutritious and oil-rich sunflower hearts for wild birds come without the husks of complete sunflower seeds. With the husks removed the sunflower heart (kernel) are the perfect feed to place in seed feeders or specifically designed sunflower feeders to hang from a feeding station. The good news is that with the husks removed, the birds will eat the whole seed normally leaving minimal mess though at times you can’t always legislate for the odd messy eater!

As a natural product the size of the hearts can vary based on the weather through growing season. A small percentage of chips may be included in your bag, these are loved by smaller birds.

Which Birds Love Sunflower Hearts?

Some of the birds that love our Sunflower Hearts include, but isn't limited to:
Blackbird, Blue tit, Chaffinch, Dunnock, Goldfinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Tit, Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Long-tailed Tit, Nuthatch, Robin, Collared Dove, Starling, Wood Pigeon.

How To Feed Sunflower Hearts

Ideally used with compatible seed feeders, these highly diverse sunflower hearts can be scattered on the ground or on the top of bird tables to maximise the amount of different bird species to your garden. An absolute favourite of finches and tits.

We recommend the following feeders for use with Sunflower Hearts:

What Does 'Bakery Grade' Mean

Although these sunflower hearts are classified as 'bakery grade', they aren't suitable for human consumption. Bakery grade, in this instance, means our sunflower hearts have the highest possible oil content, which is produced by the black sunflower seed.


We would always recommend you store your bird food in an air tight container and in a cool dry place to ensure that it remains fresh up until the best before date.



This product was previously called 'Premium Sunflower Heart Kernels'. The only change is the name, they are identical and nothing about them has changed except for the name.

Sunflower Hearts are also known as sunflower kernels and sunflower seeds.

*Our 25kg sunflower heart sacks and 50kg sunflower heart sacks are delivered as 2x 12.55kg, or 4x 12.55kg sacks, meaning you get more seed for your money.


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Good quality - thr birds love them - and prompt delivery
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3 star for delivery mealworm bag was damaged but l just decanted into own container. I always find the bird food to be off good quality.

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Common Sunflower Heart and Seed Questions

Can Sunflower Hearts Grow?

Sunflower Hearts can germinate and grow beneath your feeders, however with their small size they are less likely to be discarded by birds. Sunflower Hearts have less of a chance to grow than say Black Sunflower Seeds, but can still grow. For complete piece of mind, we'd suggest looking at a 'No-Grow' seed mix.

Are Sunflower Hearts Good For Birds?

Our sunflower hearts are the perfect seed to feed to your wild garden birds. They are nutritious and represent a fantastic source of fat, fiber and protein. And due to the fact that they are de-hulled, the birds expend less energy getting to the seed, making them a high calorie to size ratio!

How Are Sunflower Hearts Produced?

Sunflower Hearts are Sunflower Seeds that have been de-husked which is a process done by machine.

What Are Sunflower Hearts?

De-husked Sunflower Seeds are called Sunflower Hearts. With Sunflower Seeds, the birds will remove and discard the husks, so by buying Sunflower Hearts, the space around your feeders will be cleaner. Plus the birds expend less energy getting to the hearts.

Which Birds Eat Sunflower Hearts?

Some of the birds that love our Sunflower Hearts includes (but isn't limited to): Blackbird, Blue tit, Chaffinch, Dunnock, Goldfinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Tit, Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Long-tailed Tit, Nuthatch, Robin, Collared Dove, Starling, Wood Pigeon.

Which Feeder To Use For Sunflower Hearts?

To feed Sunflower Hearts, we recommend using a Sunflower Hearts Feeder or a Seed Feeder.

Do Birds Prefer Sunflower Seeds or Hearts?

In all likelihood, your garden birds will prefer Sunflower Hearts. Sunflower Hearts are easier for them to feed on, meaning they can get the nutrition they need faster.

Can Humans Eat Sunflower Hearts?

Although our Sunflower Hearts are classed as 'bakery grade', they are not fit for human consumption.

Can I Buy Sunflower Hearts In Bulk?

Yes! We sell our Sunflower Hearts in bags of up to 50kg. That's plenty to keep your birds happy for a long time! You can buy multiple bags of 50kg should you need more, or if you're looking for a lot more then please contact us.

Where to Buy Sunflower Hearts?

We sell Sunflower Hearts, Sunflower Heart Chips and Black Sunflower Seeds.

Why are Sunflower Hearts So Expensive?

Sunflower Hearts are expensive at the moment due to where they are sourced. The world gets much of its supply of sunflower seeds from Ukraine and Russia. Much of this goes on to become Sunflower Oil and other products, as well as for bird food. As a result, the recent war has impacted supplies which has driven up prices. For obvious reasons we don't know how long these price increases will last.

What are some good alternative to Sunflower Hearts?

If you are after an alternative bird food, we'd suggest our extremely popular Premium Gold Mix, or another of our Seed Mixes.

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