Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Feeder

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The Premium Caged Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Feeder is the perfect way to deter squirrels and larger birds, whilst the cage also acts as predator protection and allows your smaller feathered friends to feed in a safe area.

Food not included.

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The Premium Caged Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Feeder is the perfect way to deter squirrels (though unfortunately not juveniles) and larger birds, whilst the squirrel resistant cage also acts as predator protection by allowing your smaller feathered friends to feed in a safe area.

This bird feeder is suitable for all year round use and has been manufactured from strong metal with a stylish green powder coating on the external cage and base plate.

The Premium Caged Suet Feeders lid features a strong closure which makes its incredibly challenging for squirrels to gain access via the top of this squirrel proof feeder. The lid of this garden bird suet ball feeder also opens wide for easy cleaning and filling.

Once full and ready to offer to your garden guests, the Premium Caged Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Feeder is ideal for hanging from feeding stations, trees or hooks in your garden or outdoor area.

Dimensions - Height: 29 cm x Diameter: 20 cm.

Compatible With - Suet Balls - View our Full Range Here.

Additional Information:

Please make sure you regularly clean you feeders to avoid potential harmful bacteria and chances of spreading disease. Our full range of bird hygiene products can be viewed here.

*A note on Juvenile Squirrels and Juvenile Large Birds

This feeder protects against adult grey squirrels and large adult birds. Some birds do have longer beaks and will be able to get through the bars to the food for example a woodpecker.

Juvenile young squirrels and juvenile large birds could squeeze inside the bars and access the food. Young squirrels look similar to adults but are incredibly flexible and can get through very small spaces, they could gain access to this feeder. Squirrels are born in Spring and Summer, so you may well encounter this through the months March to August. This will also be the situation with large, young birds such as juvenile crows, magpies etc. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the feeder resisting these squirrels and birds.

A dash of chilli flakes added to the seeds or nuts will deter squirrels to a level, and can help protect your feeders from young squirrel damage. Chilli will have no effect on birds.


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Steven Lau 2 years ago
Good things: - It's very solid and sturdy throughout, overall, with the bottom plate being very solid, alongside the feeders body frame, from base to lid. - It will allow even great tits to pass through it, once they're brave enough to squeeze through it (without much trouble). -Magpies and Squirrels, both young and mature ignore it entirely, even when I've hung it on a tree. Bad Things (hence the 4 stars): Has a couple of problems with it, these being: a)The latch that keeps the sturdy lid attached looks potentially fragile - around 1/2 a centimetre thick and 3/4 of a cm wide, it really seems like the weakest part of the construction and perhaps, the most likely area which will break - simply put, the metal in my perspective, could be at least 2-3 x times as thick for longetivity. b) The catch, which holds the lid in place and which one, also needs to stick ones finger in, to pry open. i would advise everyone (especially pensioners + children) to be quite careful about when trying to open the top of this device (which one needs to do, in order to refill or clean it). The reason for this being that, it seems very poorly designed, in terms of user comfort and accessibility. As unless I'm doing something wrong, the #only way for you to access this cage feeder, is to stick a finger in and sort of 'both pull and lift' the bendy latch (about 60% of the way up from the base of the feeder) at-the-same-time + with some pressure. It sure as heck holds the lid secure, but it's perhaps the least (human) user friendly feeder of the few that I have collected over the past couple of summers, a real let down, for what would otherwise deserve 5 starts. N.B. this feeder will absolutely not stop Starlings (who just stick their heads in and poke at the inner chamber with their beaks. Although on a brighter note, I did spot the first Mistle-Thrush to appear in our garden hold on and feed quite easily from this too, through the bars (the magpies haven't been able to successfully land on it to date). C) This device would be worth 6 stars ;), if the space between it's inner feeder chamber where the suet balls are held + it's outer walls were at least x 2 or x 3 it's existing diameter, alas something it's not right now, with this 1st generation design. Had I not found this alright (just about) and found one of those "very spacious American bird cage (really looks like the hamster sized cages people use to keep pets in) feeders" before i bought this, then most likely I would have gone for one of the those, that have double to treble the amount of distance between the central feeding chamber + it's outer cage. Tip: I've attached several 45 degree angled flaps around this and another feeder in order to create a "spraying shape" series of mini barriers to fend off the starlings and magpies (and it works with 70 to 90% efficiency (see Youtube about: Using laminate sheets to protect your bird feeder from starlings) Overall, I do like this device, but if your fingers are sensitive to pressure + or you have young kids/adolescents who might easily inure their fingers trying to open this thing, I'd recommend another model instead.
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