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Mealworms are the harmless, vegetarian larvae of the Flour Beetle, tenebrio molitor.

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Live Mealworms Tub - 240g (6x 40g) £45.79 per kg
Live Mealworms (Bag) - 250g £39.96 per kg
Live Mealworms (Bag) - 500g £30.98 per kg
Live Mealworms (Bag) - 1kg £21.99 per kg
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Mealworms are the harmless, vegetarian larvae of the Flour Beetle, tenebrio molitor. They can be fed all the year round, although, as a rich source of protein they are particularly valuable in spring and summer when adult birds can feed them to their young. Order your mealworms in a bag, or in lidded tubs from which you can tip a few at a time - without having to touch them if you are squeamish! With a little care they will last for weeks (instructions accompany every order - feed the mealworms).

The mealworms in 40g, round tubs come with a breathable lid and a small amount of bran which has been added for the mealworms whilst in transit, and these ventilated tubs are suitable for storing the live mealworms in as long as they are stored in the correct conditions of a cool, dark environment. Alternatively, order a larger amount of mealworms in a bag which will be delivered in a woven polypropylene sack - so please ensure you unpack the mealworms once received, as the sacks must not be used for storage. Unpack the worms and transfer them into a shallow, smooth sided container and add some bran or porridge oats (we recommend that you do not keep the worms more than 1” deep). 

If you haven't used live mealworms before, then we recommended you start with smaller quantities in plastic tubs which can safely be stored at between 8-10°C in a cool, dark and well ventilated place. Mealworms can also be stored in the fridge. The reason for these conditions is because it causes the mealworms hormones to go dormant and keeps them from potentially morphing into a beetle, a well ventilated lid will also prevent your mealworms from becoming damp.

If you're new to mealworms it's a great idea to start with smaller quantities in tubs, these can be stored safely between 8-10 degrees Celsius in a cool and dark place.  These cool dark conditions prevent the mealworms from morphing into beetles.  Store in a cool dry place but not below 5°C, if you have a suitable shed or outdoor store, you may prefer to use these locations, but wherever you store them make sure your mealworms don't freeze and are protected from frost, they must also not get too warm. If you need any more advice on how to use or store these mealworms please do get in touch.

Live foods are shipped separately to the rest of your order as they come directly from the supplier.

120g - supplied as 3 x 40g tubs.

240g - supplied as 6 x 40g tubs.

250g - supplied as a 250g bag.

500g - supplied as a 500g bag.

1kg - supplied as a 1kg bag.

Delivery is FREE on orders over £25*.

Orders under £25 incur a delivery charge of £3.99.

*exclusions apply. For out of areas post codes, please refer to our delivery information.

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