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The life of a garden bird during the cold season is stressful as winter is a difficult time for our birds. The harsh weather, freezing temperatures, shorter days and scarcity of natural foods unfortunately mean that many do not survive.

It’s important that we provide our birds with a dependable food source. Providing your garden visitors with high calorie foods that are full of fat bursting with energy may prove to be essential for their survival

Sunflower Hearts, Peanuts and Suet Foods are all perfect for winter feeding and will provide our birds with the fats, proteins and energy they need to replenish reserves.

Water and shelter can also be difficult to find. Fresh water sources can freeze and cause dehydration. A steady source of fresh water checked each day is an essential part of any garden bird feeding station.

Long winter nights can have a prominent effect on the small birds. Research indicates that members of the tit family are around 5% lighter at dawn compared to roosting the previous night.


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