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  • How should I store my bird food?

    Food Storage

    You should make sure your bird food is stored in a cool dry place. We also recommend storing your food in a container to keep it fresh for longer. As with everything organic, the food won't last forever so please store it sensibly.

    A container will also help to keep pests away from where you store your food. If you store your food in a container in your garage, shed or somehwere where pests could get to it, make sure it's in a container and that you don't spill food around it, as this could attract pests.

  • Should I vary my feeding to attract more birds?

    Varying your feeding can certainly help. There are three main ways of feeding birds: ground feeding, table feeding and by using hanging feeders. We would recommend using a variety of different bird food for all the methods above to attract different birds to your garden. Also consider the location of your feeders as well as the environment in which the birds feed. For instance, birds such as the Chaffinch are prone to shyness, and therefore feed under tables and bushes; Bullfinches prefer the cover of bushes, so consider placing feeders in relatively covered locations in your garden.

    Please read our guide into attracting more garden birds.

  • How often should clean the feeders?

    One of the commonest threats to birds (those such as the Greenfinch) is a parasitic disease known as Trichomonosis. One cause of this is a lack of hygiene around bird feeders, and Trichomonosis is often transmitted via salavia. Therefore, we would highly recommend frequent cleaning of your feeders, even if the seed has not completely disappeared. Also, try relocating your dining station(s) every month to prevent the accumulation of droppings underneath.

    You can view all our health & hygiene products here.

  • What’s better, dried mealworm or live mealworm?

    Both types are perfectly acceptable and provide quality nutiritonal enrichment for your birds. Of course, live mealworms are fresher and therefore contain nutrients that may otherwise be removed during the process of drying out. Dried mealworms, on the other hand, last much longer than live mealworms and can be soaked in water overnight to give your birds a nice juicy treat.

  • How do I feed hedgehogs?

    There is a variety of specialist foods for feeding hedgehogs, which you can view here. Avoid things like milk as this can cause severe diarrhoea; provide fresh water instead. Feeding hedgehogs is straightforward, just find out where they commonly appear in your garden a leave out the food on the ground for them to find.

  • Why aren’t my birds eating the food?

    There are a number of reasons why your birds may not be feeding. One main cause is a possible threat from a nearby predator. Birds are also not likely to feed if your feeder is in a very open space in your garden, or simply that your birds are just not familiar with your garden. There’s also the chance they have found an alternative source of food nearby.

  • I am new to feeding. What is the best seed mix to attract birds?

    We have a full range of seed mixes for the entire year. Our most popular, Ultiva® Gold, is the perfect seed mix for all year round feeding, and this would be a good starting point.

  • Do you have any no mess, no grow mixes?
  • How should I feed my birds?

    You can feed your birds in a variety of ways. The most common is to use a hanging bird feeder, but it also acceptable to feed on the ground on use a bird feeding table. Bear in mind birds require fresh water, so try to place out a bowl or use a bird bath. In winter, it is possible to reduce the possibility of your water freezing by placing a ping pong ball in the bowl or bath.

  • Where does your bird food come from?

    Our bird food is sourced from a variety of locations both domestic and abroad.

  • What is Ultiva®?

    Ultiva is a trusted and complete series of high quality bird food mixes available only from GardenBird. They have been carefully formulated to provide nutritional enrichment for your garden birds.

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