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General FAQ’s

How do I create an account?

You can create an account as part of your order, or go here first to sign up.

Delivery FAQs

How much does delivery cost?

For orders with a value of more than £25, delivery is free. Orders below this minimum are chargeable. Unfortunately due to increases in delivery costs we can no longer ship to out of areas for free. Please refer to our delivery page for further information and full costs.

If I order over the weekend, how long for delivery?

If you order on a Saturday, you can expect delivery to be either on the next working day or very shortly afterwards. In most cases, deliveries do not occur on Sundays. Please note that this does depend on the shipping option you selected when you placed your order. So if you order on a Saturday and selected 3-5 working day delivery, then your order will be delivered between Wednesday and Friday. Please see this page for full details.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to all parts of the UK, including the Highlands & Islands and other 'out of areas' zones within the UK; although there may be occasions, due to location, when some orders take a little longer than usual and cost slightly more. Please see this page for full details.

Can I get my order more quickly?

We do offer the option to upgrade to express delivery, although this may be removed during busy periods. Please refer to our delivery page for full, up to date information.

When will my bird food be delivered?

We have a same-day despatch policy at GardenBird; even though we have a 24 hour courier and, in most cases, your goods will arrive next working day, there may be instances where orders can take between 48-72 hours to arrive. P&P is free over orders with a minimum value of £25. During busy periods, this time might be longer. For further information on current timeframes, please see our delivery page.

Can I track my order?

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email with a tracking number and link to the delivery companies website where you can keep an eye on its progress.

If you have opted for a DPD delivery, you can download their app and specify exactly where you want the parcel leaving, which neighbours to leave it with (and which to avoid), or change the delivery to a designated place (e.g. a local shop participating in the scheme). Please see this page for full details.

Are delivery costs different based on location?

Yes, UK mainland areas have a standard fee, but due to distance and accessibility of certain parts of the UK, variable delivery rates apply. You can see our rate chart by zone here.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to the UK, please see here for full details of our delivery costs for out of area zones such as the highlands.

Ordering FAQs

How will I recieve confirmation of my order?

Orders are confirmed via email and will be sent immediately after your order has been made. If you decide to add your mobile phone number at checkout to receive SMS updates, you will receive a message from our courier detailing the estimated day of arrival.

Can I change the delivery details once I have placed my order?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You do, however, have the option to change your delivery information by selecting either ‘billing address’ or ‘home address’ before the order is processed at checkout. It is also possible in your account to select the default delivery address for all your orders; so, once signed in, your order will be placed quickly and smoothly with the correct delivery information by default.

How secure is my payment information?

GardenBird take data security very seriously. At checkout we use a standard web data security protocol (https) which ensures your personal credit card information is encrypted to a very high level.

What should I do if I’m unhappy with my order?

Should you have any concerns regarding your order, we are more than happy to answer your questions either by email [email protected] or by phone on 0800 6444 322. We aim to resolve any problems you may have as quickly as possible. Please do not just send us products without first contacting customer services.

Can I order from outside the UK for delivery to someone in the UK?

Although we don't currently deliver outside of the areas mentioned on our delivery page, you can purchase a gift on our website from abroad for delivery to someone in the UK.

To do this, shop as normal and at the checkout, enter your current billing address. It may still say United Kingdom as the country, if it does please ignore this field your payment will still go through.

Alternatively please call us and we can take your order over the phone.

Food and Feeding FAQs

What happened to your Ultiva range of bird foods?

We still sell Ultiva Bird Seed Mixes, we've just changed the name on our website. You can find them in our Bird Seed Mixes.

Nothing about the mixes has changed, we've just changed the name. The ingredients, sizes and quality are all identical - the bags themselves will even continue to say Ultiva for a while after this change has been made. We have unfortunately had to make this change as the word 'Ultiva' is apparently also a type of drug (obviously nothing to do with bird food or anything we sell) and hence it has been causing us some difficulty when advertising this product online.

How should I store my bird food?

You should make sure your bird food is stored in a cool dry place. We also recommend storing your food in a container to keep it fresh for longer. As with everything organic, the food won't last forever so please store it sensibly.

A container will also help to keep pests away from where you store your food. If you store your food in a container in your garage, shed or somewhere where pests could get to it, make sure it's in a container and that you don't spill food around it, as this could attract pests.

Should I vary my feeding to attract more birds?

Varying your feeding can certainly help. There are three main ways of feeding birds: ground feeding, table feeding and by using hanging feeders. We would recommend using a variety of different bird food for all the methods above to attract different birds to your garden. Also consider the location of your feeders as well as the environment in which the birds feed. For instance, birds such as the Chaffinch are prone to shyness, and therefore feed under tables and bushes; Bullfinches prefer the cover of bushes, so consider placing feeders in relatively covered locations in your garden.

How often should I clean the feeders?

One of the most common threats to birds (those such as the Greenfinch) is a parasitic disease known as Trichomonosis. One cause of this is a lack of hygiene around bird feeders, and Trichomonosis is often transmitted via salavia. Therefore, we would highly recommend frequent cleaning of your feeders, even if the seed has not completely disappeared. Also, try relocating your dining station(s) every month to prevent the accumulation of droppings underneath.

What's better, dried mealworms or live mealworms?

Both types are perfectly acceptable and provide quality nutiritonal enrichment for your birds. Of course, live mealworms are fresher and therefore contain nutrients that may otherwise be removed during the process of drying out. Dried mealworms, on the other hand, last much longer than live mealworms and can be soaked in water overnight to give your birds a nice juicy treat.

How do I feed hedgehogs?

There is a variety of specialist foods for feeding hedgehogs, which you can view here. Avoid things like milk as this can cause severe diarrhoea; provide fresh water instead. Feeding hedgehogs is straightforward, just find out where they commonly appear in your garden and leave out the food on the ground for them to find.

Why aren't my birds eating my food?

There are a number of reasons why your birds may not be feeding. One main cause is a possible threat from a nearby predator. Birds are also not likely to feed if your feeder is in a very open space in your garden, or simply that your birds are just not familiar with your garden. There’s also the chance they have found an alternative source of food nearby.

I am new to feeding. What is the best seed mix to attract birds?

We have a full range of seed mixes for the entire year. Our most popular, Ultiva® Gold, is the perfect seed mix for all year round feeding, and this would be a good starting point.

How should I feed my birds?

You can feed your birds in a variety of ways. The most common is to use a hanging bird feeder, but it also acceptable to feed on the ground on use a bird feeding table. Bear in mind birds require fresh water, so try to place out a bowl or use a bird bath. In winter, it is possible to reduce the possibility of your water freezing by placing a ping pong ball in the bowl or bath.

Where does your bird food come from?

Our bird food is sourced from a variety of locations both domestic and abroad.

Are your bags recyclable?

We’re currently working on moving some of our goods to recyclable materials. Most paper and plastic bags will be recyclable. We advise to check with your local recycling centre.

What is Ultiva®?

Ultiva® is a trusted and complete series of high quality bird food mixes available only from GardenBird. They have been carefully formulated to provide nutritional enrichment for your garden birds.

Is your bird food safe for people with nut allergies?

All of our products are stored and shipped from our warehouse which also stores peanuts. As such, we cannot guarantee that products have not been in contact with peanuts or peanut products. Please be aware that this also includes products that do not specifically list peanuts as an ingredient.

Discount Code FAQs

I've found a voucher code online but it doesn't work?

If you have found a voucher code on a third party site (a site other than, then the code is probably an old code. Unfortunately we have no control over what third party sites advertise and cannot prevent them from doing this. For official, reliable discount codes please sign up to our emails.

Many 3rd party websites (i.e. not found on the Garden Bird website or in our marketing materials such as social media and our emails) claim to offer discounts. Only discounts offered through our official marketing materials can be used on our website.

Why doesn't my discount code work?

There might be several reasons why you are unable to use a voucher code. First of all, double check the code on the marketing material you have.
1. Our voucher codes are case sensitive so please ensure that the codes are being copied exactly
2. Make sure you meet the criteria in the marketing materials. For example:
a. It might have a purchase requirement (e.g. buy product A and get product B free)
b. It might have a price requirement (e.g. spend over £X and get Y free)
c. It might be time limited (e.g. buy before 1st May 2021)
3. Try placing your order using a different browser
4. Try using a different device to place the order
5. If the free gift does not appear automatically in your basket this may be due to stock reasons, as all offers are subject to availability and while stocks last
6. No more than one voucher code can be used per order. Sometimes these are added automatically for qualifying items, so please check your basket
7. Reward points cannot be used alongside voucher codes.

Can I use more than one discount code in my order?

Most of our discount codes are single use and cannot be used in conjunction with another offer. If you have multiple discount codes (e.g. the welcome discount and an offer from one of our emails), you will need to pick one to use. You could however keep the next discount code for the next time you shop with us (as long as the code is used before its expiry date. You can find this in our marketing materials).

Can I use my reward points and a discount code in the same order?

You can only use one or the other, you can't use both reward points and discount codes in the same order.

Welcome Discount FAQ’s

I'm having problems with the welcome discount

To get your welcome discount you'll need to register for an account on our website and subscribe to emails. This is easy to do:

Visit the new account registration page. Enter your details and click on 'Register and Subscribe' at the bottom of the form.

You'll then see a page with your discount code (it'll also be emailed out to you).

Shop as normal, mkaing sure that you add the discount code at the basket. You'll need to stay logged into the account you just created.

Please note that the welcome discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. The discount is available to new customers only. Existing customers can still save by signing up to our emails, as we occasionally send our customers discounts via email.

Please make sure that you follow this guidance as we cannot refund the difference if you checkout wihtout using the code. You can however use the discount on your next order if you did not use it on your first.

If you are still struggling to use the discount code, please contact us. Please do not check out as we cannot apply the code to orders already placed.

I haven't received the welcome email

The email is sent straight away, but can take up to 5 minutes to come through. If it's been longer than 5 minutes, please make sure you have checked your junk/spam folder. It might be a good idea to use the search feature in your email account, which can make it easier to find.

The email will only be sent if you are a new customer with us. Existing customers will receive discounts via our marketing emails, so there's no need to sign up again.

I can't get the welcome discount code to apply

First of all, make sure you are logged into your account.

The easiest way of doing this is to visit this page (click here). You'll either get straight into your account, or be asked to sign in. If asked to sign in, then please do so.

Next you'll need to make sure you have added the discount code at the basket.

Lastly, please make sure that you aren't trying to use multiple voucher codes on our website. If you already have a code added, you'll need to remove it to use your discount.


Reward Points FAQs

How do I earn reward points?

Simply create an account and you’ll start earning reward points each time you shop with us. Once you have created your account, you must be logged into it to earn and spend reward points. Points will not be awarded if you check out as a guest. You can find further information on points here.

Please note, reward points expire one year from when you earn them (if they are not spent before then). We will email you beforehand to let you know if your reward points are due to expire.

How do I spend reward points?

Once you have earned reward points, just login to your account and shop as normal. When you get to the basket, you'll see an option near the discount code box to apply your reward points to your order.

Reward points cannot be redeemed alongside a voucher code. If you have both, you will need to select one or the other.

Points cannot be applied after an order has been placed, so please double check the order before paying.

Why haven’t I received reward points?

You must be logged in to your account to spend and earn reward points. If you check out as a guest, you won’t receive any points.

Why didn't my reward points get added to my account?

For your reward points to show up in your account, you must login to your account before placing an order. It isn't enough to use the same email address as your account, you must log in too.

You can check if you are logged in by looking at the top right of our website. If you see 'Log In', then you aren't currently logged into your account (on mobile/tablet, you'll need to tap on the icon of a person). Click the 'Log In' link to log in. You'll then be able to spend any points you have and also accrue points.

Reward points are added to your account once your order has been delivered. They will not show in your account until then.

Do my reward points expire?

Yes, your reward points will expire one year after they are added to your account. We will send you an email 30 days before they are due to expire so that you have time to spend them should you wish to.

Can I use my reward points and a discount code in the same order?

You can only use one or the other, you can't use both reward points and discount codes in the same order.

Payment FAQs

Are my payment details securely transmitted and stored?

All of our card payments (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) are securely transmitted to our payment provider. In fact your card details never actually touch our server, they are handled directly by the payment company. PayPal is also secure since you are taken offsite to PayPal to submit your payment information.

Can I pay by Apple Pay?

Yes! To use your Apple Pay details, just go to the checkout and select 'Pay by Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay' at the payment stage of the checkout.

If you are having trouble seeing the Apple Pay option at the checkout, please check the following:

  1. You have an active credit/debit card saved in Apple Pay
  2. You must be using either an iPhone or iPad
  3. You must be using the Safari browser (Chrome and other browsers will not work)

You can also pay by Apple Pay through the Safari browser on a desktop computer as long as you have Apple Pay enabled and setup on your device.

Can I pay by Google Pay?

Yes! To use your Google Pay details, just go to the checkout and select 'Pay by Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay' at the payment stage of the checkout. You will then see a blue button above the card detail section, tap the button to start your payment.

If you are having trouble seeing the Google Pay option at the checkout, please check the following:

  1. You have an active credit/debit card saved in Google Pay
  2. You must be using an Android phone or tablet that supports Google Pay (certain devices may not support Google Pay)
  3. You must be using the Chrome browser (other browsers will not work)

If you are using the Google Chrome browser on a desktop computer, then you will have the option to pay by Google Pay. Please note that not all Android devices may support Google Pay.

Refer a Friend FAQ’s

How do I refer a friend?

You can refer friends by logging into your account and clicking on 'Referred Friends' down the left hand menu or by clicking here.

How much of my referral bonus can I apply to each transaction?

We have added a maximum amount to the refer a friend discount to prevent abuse. You can only use your referral bonus on a maximum of 25% of your order. The system will calculate this for you and warn you if it was unable to apply the total discount. Don't worry, your referral bonus will still be there for the next time you order.

What are the terms and conditions for the refer a friend scheme?

Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for specific, up to date conditions on how the scheme works.

Account and Password FAQ’s

Why won't my password and/or email address work?

If you have forgotten your password, please visit this page to reset it.

If you have an account with us, you will receive an email within a few minutes of submitting the password reset form.

If you do not receive an email, please visit the new account page to create an account.

Should the issue be unrelated to password and email information, please contact using the form here or by phone on 0800 6444 322.

Review FAQs

How do I review a product?

After you have received your items, you may receive an email from us asking if you would like to review your purchase. To review an item, click the button in the email.

You cannot review an item that you haven't purchased.

IT Issues FAQs

I have an IT issue and can't complete my order. What has happened?

We constantly monitor the performance of GardenBird for any IT-related issues, such as web pages being unavailable or severe slowdown. If you do experience such problems, it is best to take a screenshot of the problem, or simply call us and let know about the issue. We will make it a high priority task to resolve these concerns as quickly as possible.


Still having issues?

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