Fallen Fruits Acorn Nest Box

Designed to look just like a real acorn and bound to be popular with your garden birds.

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The Fallen Fruits Acorn Nest Box has been designed to look just like a real acorn which is bound to be popular with your garden birds as acorns are a bird favourite when searching for food, and now they get the chance to nest inside a giant one.


This acorn bird house has been designed for smaller birds such as wrens, tits and sparrows as it comes with a entrance hole with a diameter of just over 30cm which also deters most predators, meaning your feathered friends and their young can nest in safety.


Site this acorn nest box on a tree or wall at a height of at least 2 metres above the ground, preferably in a well-hidden spot between dense bushes or ivy plants ensuring the box is not in direct sunlight but that birds still have an obstacle-free approach.


This FSC certified pinewood nesting box comes with a PVC roof which can be removed for cleaning purposes at the end of breeding season - when you are certain that all occupants have left the nest. The best time for cleaning out a bird house is during autumn as birds often choose to shelter inside these cosy boxes throughout harsh winters.


Dimensions: Height: 25.3 x Diameter: 13.9 cm.

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