Essential Food Pack

Our Essential Food Pack contains our three of our most popular wild bird food in one handy and cost saving pack. Read more
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Our Essential Food Pack contains three of our most popular wild bird foods in one handy, cost saving pack. The three premium foods will ensure you attract the widest variety of wild birds to your garden.


Each food pack contains the following:



The Peanuts are 80/90 size (number of Peanuts that fit in the average hand). We source our peanuts from all over the world to ensure that we bring you the best at the best prices. The climate condition at the growing location can have a large influence on the look of the peanuts but rest assured that they have been aflatoxin tested to ensure they are safe for birds. Please note that the appearance of the peanuts may differ slightly to those in the photos.

Unfortunately we have had to revert to shipping our peanut lines in plastic bags due to the high oil and fat content affecting the integrity of the paper bags. 


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