We are a BTO Gold Member

As British Trust for Ornithology Gold Members, we proactively contribute to the scientific pursuit and enhancement of birds and wildlife in the UK.
With unparalleled knowledge of birds in the UK, the BTO has been an outstanding leader in the preservation and understanding of wildlife, and currently has an ‘army’ of approximately 60,000 volunteers who provide immeasurable and valuable insight into bird populations, their fluctuations and behaviour.

What do the BTO do?

The BTO is a ‘birds-first’ organisation, although the organisation deals with a plethora of different wildlife. Their aims are two-pronged and include gathering information and subsequently reporting on that information: anything from weekly counting of birds by amateurs through the Nest Record Scheme, to other major studies such as the House Martin Nesting Monitoring Study, which aims to gather an in-depth understanding of House Martin nesting behaviour.

How can you help?

The BTO is open to all members of the public. If you are a keen amateur or professional ornithologist, then get involved by visiting the official BTO website.