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We stock quality wild bird products from Peckish at the UK's cheapest prices on our website. Our extensive range covers bird feeders, bird seed, bird tables, bird baths, bird feeding stations and more.

View our range of Peckish Bird foods perfect for any garden (or garden bird!) including; Peckish Complete Bird Food, Peckish No Grow Seed Mix, Peckish Squirrel Proof Bird Food.

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  1. Peckish Secret Garden Niger Seed Feeder
    No reviews
    Niger Feeder
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  2. Peckish Secret Garden Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder
    No reviews
    Peanut Feeder
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  3. Peckish Everyday Garden Bird Table
    No reviews
    Bird Table
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  4. Peckish Complete Bird Table
    No reviews
    Bird Table
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  5. Secret Garden Bird Bath
    No reviews
    Bird Bath

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  6. Peckish Squirrel Proof Bird Food - 1kg
    10 reviews
    • 4.5 out of 5
    • Heather Tingey
    • Great that the birds have something of their own as no-one else likes the hot flavour. The smaller birds have a feast in the ground cage. I know it is being eaten by the smaller birds, without being out-competed by the larger ones, and they love it.
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  7. Peckish Small Bird Seed Feeder
    23 reviews
    • 4.3913043478261 out of 5
    • Allan Grieff
    • Keeps bigger birds out
    Seed Feeder
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  8. Peckish Secret Garden Dining Station
    6 reviews
    • 4.8333333333333 out of 5
    • Alison
    • Lovely product Lovely product.
    Feeding Station
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  9. Peckish Squirrel Proof Suet Cake
    4 reviews
    • 4.5 out of 5
    • Karen
    • Works well Squirrels ignore it but so do the birds on sure they will catch on eventually.
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  10. Peckish Globe Window Feeder
    3 reviews
    • 4.6666666666667 out of 5
    • Marion
    • fun! blue tit youngsters queue up amuses the cat indoors for hours!
    Window Feeder
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  11. Peckish Secret Garden Volume Peanut/Suet Pellet Feeder
    1 review
    • 5 out of 5
    • Phyllis
    • good quality birds are enjoying eating the nuts out of it and it is easy to clean .
    One Size
    Out of stock

11 Items

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