Bird Feeder Accessories

Hooks to hang your feeders from, seed trays to enhance their effectiveness and squirrel baffles too! Within our huge selection you'll find the perfect bird feeder for every type of bird food and every location. Bird Seed feeders, nut feeders, worm feeders, suet feeders, hanging feeders, window feeders and more – when it comes to bird feeding, you name it, we've got it (including squirrel-resistant ones)!

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  1. Nature's Market Squirrel Baffle
    No reviews
    Squirrel Baffle

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  2. Hang Right Hanger
    19 reviews
    • 4.8947368421053 out of 5
    • Kate Keenan
    • Quick delivery and luckily i caught the delivery man who left my last delivery a street away though i left him a note to leave it in a safe place. Not used yet but have one which is very good.
    Pack of 2 12"
    12" Hanger
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  3. Garland Dry Storage Bins 30L & 47L
    77 reviews
    • 4.7662337662338 out of 5
    • Joe Rogers
    • Easy to use and move
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  4. Giant Seed Tray/Squirrel Guard
    No reviews
    Seed Tray / Squirrel Guard

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  5. Metal Seed Catcher Tray
    No reviews

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  6. Henry Bell Feeding Station Patio Stand
    No reviews
    One Size

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  7. Jacobi Jayne Branch Hook 36"
    No reviews

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  8. Bird Feeder Seed Scoop
    12 reviews
    • 4.8333333333333 out of 5
    • Valerie Kirkham
    • Excellent quality, very sturdy

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  9. Weather Guard for the Brome Squirrel Buster Plus
    14 reviews
    • 4.5 out of 5
    • Antony West
    • Excellent quick service great products Does tend to put some birds of feeding and landing on perches until they get used to it
    Weather Guard Add-On
    Out of stock
  10. Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Base Tray
    9 reviews
    • 4.6666666666667 out of 5
    • Sophy Geering
    • So useful - stops the area below the feeder from getting covered in bits of dropped, chewed-up peanuts
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  11. Aluminium Scoop
    5 reviews
    • 4.4 out of 5
    • Diana Simmons
    • Easy to order. arrived well packed.. Good scoop but doesn't make it easy to fill feeder which was what i hoped. gone back to my improvised scoop made from a small water bottle which is the perfect size!
    Out of stock
  12. Wrap Around Squirrel Guard
    3 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Mr Steve Blake
    • Good product and service…delivered on time, in fact one day earlier than expected.
    Squirrel Baffle
    Out of stock
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