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Tom Chambers Bird Feeder Accessories

Tom Chambers Bird Care

We sell quality wildlife products from Tom Chambers at the UK's cheapest prices. We stock their; bird feeders, bird feeding stations, bird tables, bird boxes and a range of accessories and other wildlife products.

Our best sellers by Tom Chambers include; the excellent 'Flick n Click' range of bird feeders, their quality feeding stations such as the premium 'Elegance' feeding station and their Dovesdale bird tables. View the full range on this page.

Hooks to hang your feeders from, seed trays to enhance their effectiveness and squirrel baffles too! Within our huge selection you'll find the perfect bird feeder for every type of bird food and every location. Bird Seed feeders, nut feeders, worm feeders, suet feeders, hanging feeders, window feeders and more – when it comes to bird feeding, you name it, we've got it (including squirrel-resistant ones)!

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  1. Bird Table Stabiliser Pegs
    18 reviews
    • 4.6666666666667 out of 5
    • Joan Beaton
    • Does the job
    Stabiliser Pegs
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  2. Tom Chambers Bird Station Patio Stand
    2 reviews
    • 4.5 out of 5
    • Mrs Rosemary Walker
    • Very easy to assemble, and hopefully sturdy enough to remain upright in strong winds.
    Patio Stand
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  3. Tom Chambers Bird Table Accessory Set
    3 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • James
    • Great Buy. Very worthwhile accessory for my Tom Chambers Bird Table. I have found it very useful for providing additional extras for the birds.
    Accessory Set
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