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Jacobi Jayne Accessories

Jacobi Jayne Bird Feeders

We sell quality bird care products from Jacobi Jayne at the UK's cheapest prices. Our extensive range covers; bird food, flutter butter, bird feeders, nest boxes, accessories, wildlife products and much much, more.

We stock all the best products by Jacobi Jayne including their excellent 'Ring Pull' range, the 'I Love Robins' bird feeder and their easy to feed Flutter Butter range.

Bird Feeder Accessories & Bird Table Accessories

Take a look at our amazing range of accessories for feeding your garden birds. We stock a variety of bird accessories from feeder poles, trays and hooks as well as accessories to deter birds' natural predators. Whatever you're looking for, you can find it at GardenBird and you can shop with security with our 30-day returns policy.

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  1. Bird Feeder Seed Scoop
    11 reviews
    • 4.8181818181818 out of 5
    • Prem
    • Great scoop. Prevents spillage of bird seed. Clever design and quick to use.

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  2. Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Base Tray
    8 reviews
    • 4.625 out of 5
    • CD
    • Stops the pigeons getting the seeds!
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  3. Giant Seed Tray/Squirrel Guard
    No reviews
    Seed Tray / Squirrel Guard

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  4. High Strength Window Hook
    No reviews

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  5. Schwegler 2M Hanging Nest Box 32mm
    No reviews
    32mm Brown

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  6. Schwegler 10B Swallow Nest Box
    No reviews
    10B Swallow

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  7. Window Alerts - Maple Leaves
    7 reviews
    • 4.7142857142857 out of 5
    • Esther Jamieson
    • Living on an island slows delivery somewhat but it's a good service They do make a difference we think although don't avoid bird strikes 100% better than not having them and they are easy on the human eye
    Maple Leaves

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  8. Window Alerts - Butterflies
    5 reviews
    • 5 out of 5
    • Sharon
    • stops birds going into windows excellent product to stop birds flying into windows. does need to be replaced every couple of years as it does fade
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  9. Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Perch Rings
    4 reviews
    • 4.5 out of 5
    • Tracy
    • Pricey but necessary These perch rings are perhaps a bit pricey for what they are however they are a necessity (in my opinion) and feel sturdy. They slot on very neatly and stay in place giving the birds more choice about how they feed.
    6 Perch Rings
    Perch Rings - 4 Pack
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  10. SuperScoop
    19 reviews
    • 4.8421052631579 out of 5
    • Brian Hicken
    • The best V good just the best

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  11. Rain Away Weather Guard
    No reviews
    Weather Guard

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  12. Jacobi Jayne Old Iron Buttercup Dish
    1 review
    • 4 out of 5
    • Jean
    • the birds lve this i have bought 2 of these the birds love them always in and out i keep filling them with water they are very good quality i wish they were a bit bigger but they are well used
    Water/Food Dish

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