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About GardenBird

GardenBird is a supplier of quality garden bird food and supplies. Founded in 1994 in the small country town of Wem in Shropshire, we have since then become one of the UK’s largest specialist suppliers of wild bird-related products by mail order.

Our ethos is about bringing nature closer to your lives, while recognising the dangerously falling populations of many of our dear and best-loved garden birds. In this way, it is possible to appreciate nature in its most raw form while of course providing a helping hand.

Unfortunately, it is a reality that many of our beloved species are in decline, caused by many factors, including changes in agricultural practices and urban encroachments into the British countryside. What better way to help than to provide highly nutritious, quality food across a network of gardens all year round? We believe this connected approach can reap huge rewards for our birds. And you can help, too.

In 2022, GardenBird welcomed many Croston Corn Mill customers to our website following the closure of the Croston Corn Mill online business. You can find out more about this here.

Commitment to quality

The mantra ‘you are what you eat’ applies equally to garden birds. There's really no mystery to it. Birds, like most creatures, will not eat rubbish unless they're desperate - but they'll come back time and again for good food. And so, like the birds, so do our customers - many of whom have been with us since our very first week!

That's because our commitment to quality for the birds and service for our customers hasn't changed. GardenBird still means, as it did in 1994, 'The very best for your garden birds - delivered direct to your door'.

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