Rose Clear 3 in 1 Gun - 800ml

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Perfect for protecting roses and other flowering plants, Rose Clear 3 in 1 Action combines insecticide and fungicide to keep your ornamental indoor or outdoor plants in optimum condition. Read more
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Rose Clear 3 in 1 Action is OF&G organic certified and is ideal for roses and other flowering and ornamental plants. Combining insecticide and fungicide, this 3 in 1 action kills aphids, larvae and adults to protect against further infestations, including new growth. The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastics and is fully recyclable

Kills: Larvae and adult aphids (greenfly and blackfly), spider mites and whiteflies.

Fights: Existing infections of blackspot and powdery mildew.

Protects: Plants against existing and further disease infections. For best control of plant disease, spray at first signs of disease and continue spraying every 7-10 days for the rest of the season.

How to use:

Shake well before use.

  1. Choose a calm day, avoid bright sunlight, drought and frost.
  2. Spray early morning (7-9am) or evening (6-8pm) to minimise risk to bees.
  3. To open spray, twist nozzle ¼ turn right.
  4. Spray plants throughly to wet upper and lower surfaces of leaves. Avoid contact with non-target plants.
  5. Turn nozzle to the "stop" position after use.

When to use:

April to the end of September. Apply at first sign of disease/insect attack. Maximum 6 treatments per year. We recommend testing a small area of the plant, by treating and leaving for a few days, before treating the entire plant or collection.


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