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Within our huge selection you'll find the perfect garden bird feeder for every type of food and every location. Seed feeders, nut feeders, worm feeders, suet feeders, hanging feeders, window feeders and more - if it’s a bird feeder you need, we've got it!
  • Bird Tables & Ground Feeders

    Bird Tables & Ground Feeders

    Bird tables add variety to your bird feeding, as well as making an attractive feature to your garden
  • Cool Britannia

    Cool Britannia

    The Cool Britannia range celebrates all things British, iconic and decorative feeders.
  • Feeding Stations

    Feeding Stations

    You can use a feeding station just to mount a feeder, or as the basis of a complete feeding system.
  • GBS Exclusive Range

    GBS Exclusive Range

    We are excited to introduce to you a brand new range of feeders exclusively from Garden Bird Supplie
  • Multi Bird Feeders

    Multi Bird Feeders

    Ideal if you have a small feeding space and want to attract a wide range of birds.
  • Nut Feeders

    Nut Feeders

    Choose from our range of high quality nut feeders - the only safe way to feed whole peanuts.
  • Seed Feeders

    Seed Feeders

    Seed feeders attract lots of different birds. They’re weather-resistant and keep food fresh
  • Squirrel Resistant Feeders

    Squirrel Resistant Feeders

    All these feeders are made with strong metal constructions which resist damage and protect your bird
  • Thistle Feeders

    Thistle Feeders

    The best way to feed Niger Seed, these feeders are designed to appeal to the colourful Goldfinch.
  • Treat Block & Suet Ball Feeders

    Treat Block & Suet Ball Feeders

    Our feeders come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to provide an energy filled feed.
  • Window Feeders

    Window Feeders

    Get a close up view... If you live in a flat without a garden or just want to the closest possible v


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